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Mahdi Guled “Abdi Hashi is an opposition leader who has weakened the legislature”

Mogadishu (SD) – Somali Deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Mohamed Guled has described the Speaker of the Upper House of the Federal Parliament as an opposition leader, after the Speaker opposed the appointment of the Northern Region Parliamentary Election Commission.

Mahdi Guled in an interview with Horufadhi Media TV said that Governor Abdi Hashi has been publishing articles of opposition to the government.

“The last few years, as you have seen in the media or in a series of statements, have shown that Abdi Hashi is a leader of the opposition, and has weakened the legislature, because the legislature is a two house parliament. They have not sat for a while, ”said Mahdi Guled.

He said he did not know of a dispute between Abdi Hashi and President Farmajo, but a dispute between the Upper House and the House of Representatives, which have not worked together for nearly two years.

The speaker of the Upper house Abdi Hashi has recently announced intent to appoint the Northern election commission members.

Debates over the selection of northern lawmakers have escalated after Prime Minister Roble appointed a commission to represent the northern regions in the elections.

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