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Al-Shabaab leader and his bodyguards ‘killed’ in Middle Juba

Buale (SD) – An operation by the Somali National Army (Danab) in the Middle Jubba region, about 50 km from the regional capital Buale.

Officials with Danab said the target of the operation was an al-Shabaab leader, killing him and his bodyguards.

The operation took place in Arabow, 50 km from Buale, and killed Hassan Sufian Qoorey, al-Shabaab’s leader, and six bodyguards.

Officials with Danab said Hassan Qoorey was the leader of the al-Shabaab-affiliated guerrilla groups, which often carries out direct attacks.

The group did not acknowledge the attack and the killing of the reported leader and his bodyguards.

Somali officials did not disclose any casualties to Danab’s forces and said they would continue to carry out similar operations.

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