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Mahdi Mohamed Guled: “I can visit Somaliland whenever I want”

Mogadishu (SD)- The Deputy Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia, Mahdi Mohamed Guled (Khadar) for the first time, addressed why federal government officials cannot travel to Somaliland.

Mahdi Guled first argued that he and other politicians in the Somalia government could travel to Somaliland, an independent state, but are considerate of the security of Somalilanders.

“We have done so (not to go to Hargeisa) for the safety of the people. We can go, but we do not want violence. The Minister of Information can go to Burao, the Minister of Constitution can go to Erigavo, Minister Beyle can go to Awdal, there is nothing opposing it and we are talking on the phone day and night, ”said Guled Mahdi.

He added, “So we are keeping the peace and the solution for Somalilanders could be achieved through dialogue and fruitful cooperation.”

Mahdi also argued that if a referendum were held, the majority of Somalilanders believe in the unity of Somalia and would choose unity, which undermines Somaliland’s claim to independence, he said.

Mahdi’s statement comes at a time when Somaliland has recently issued conditions for politicians who currently hold positions in the Somalia and want to return to Somaliland.

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