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Major Flow of Djiboutians in Awdal is Causing COVID-19 Anxiety

Hargeisa (SD) – The National Coalition for Disease Control and Prevention (COVID19) announced this afternoon that the latest victim of the virus in Borama has died from the virus and several others have been diagnosed, making the total 9 cases.

There is also a major concern in the western regions of Somaliland, with the steady flow of people from Djibouti, which has the highest number of cases of the disease.

With the border closed. travelers first cross from Djibouti to Ethiopia and then make their way into Somaliland and into Harirad area, according to sources.

“That is a major concern for the locals and we don’t know if these people are infected with the virus, we do not have the sources to deal with COVID-19.” Said a journalist who spoke to local media on the condition of anonymity.

Somaliland authorities in Awdal are made aware of the situation but didn’t yet take any mitigating steps to stop the flow of people into the region.

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