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Marodi-jeh Regional Court Sentences Leopards smugglers

HARGEISA (SD) – Marodijeh Regional Court sentenced five men to one year in prison and fined 3 million shillings each for attempting to smuggle leopards out of the country.

The judge read out the ruling to the media, in the presence of officials from the Ministry of Environment, 2 leopards living and 5 convicted men.

The court found Mohamed Mohamud Ismail, 36, Bashir Abdillahi Muse, 35, Mukhtar Harun Ibrahim, 32, Ahmed Mohamud Hassan, 39, and Ahmed Omar Hashi, 35, guilty, for violation of Articles 17, 27, 28 of Law No. 69, 2015, “said the judge.

Adding “The court sentenced each to one year in prison, and a fine of 3 million Somaliland shillings, and if the culprits do not pay they will be commuted to the equivalent of a fine.”

The court has handed over the care of two confiscated leopards to the Ministry of Environment.

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