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AMISOM and Al-Shabaab exchange artillery fire in Burhakaba

BURHAKABA (SD) – Reports from Bay region say that Al-Shabaab militants fired mortar shells at an AMISOM base in Burhakaba district in Bay region.

Residents in Burhakaba told local media that they heard artillery shelling aimed at the military base.

Al-Shabaab said in a released statement that mortars were fired at AMISOM military base, killing two Ethiopian soldiers and wounding three others.

Ethiopian troops have reportedly responded with artillery shells, targeting areas on the outskirts of Burhakaba district where they suspected the shelling were fired from.

Other then the Al Shabaab claim, there are no independent reports of casualties from the exchange of artillery fire.

The Ethiopian troops reportedly conducted operations on the outskirts of the district, searching for the attackers.

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