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Militia attacks Bossaso jail last night

Bossaso (SD) – Reports from Bossaso, the regional capital of Bari region say that armed men have attacked a jail in that town.

The armed group are said to have carried out a series of bombings and shootings at the city’s jail holding various people, including those accused of terrorist acts.

Puntland security forces reportedly clashed with the militants, heavy gunfire was heard in Bossaso between the security forces and the armed group.

The casualties of last night’s fighting in Bossaso are not yet known, and no group is yet to claim responsibility for the attack. Puntland authorities have not yet commented on the fighting.

The situation in Bossaso is currently calm, although gunfire was heard in some areas last night, people stayed in their homes, and residents of the city, who are mostly asleep, are awakened by the sound of gunfire.

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