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Minister Beyle: Internationals subsidies have been cut

Mogadishu (SD) – Somali Minister of Finance Abdirahman Beyle has announced that donor countries have cut off funding to the federal government, leaving the government in a severe economic crisis.

“The subsidies that the world used to give us have been cut off, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have given us a bit and we used it all up to pay salaries, we have nothing left” said Beyle.

Beyle said the government’s domestic revenue is only 30%, with the rest coming from donor countries, who have now cut their funds, therefore, Somalis need to rely on each other.

The World Bank, the European Union and other governments, including Saudi Arabia, have suspended aid to Somalia possible due to the country’s political dispute.

The biggest surprise Beyle revealed was that even Qatar did not pay its support to the federal government, due to possible pressure from the European Union and the United States.

Somalia’s Minister of Finance Abdirahman Bayle said the president and prime minister will be soon asking the public to donate money to the Somali government.

The announcement by the federal government comes as a US newspaper Foreign Lobby reported that President Farmajo paid $150,000 to a company that would campaign for him to visit the United States.

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