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Minister Kore Denies talks between Somaliland and Somalia

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland Minister of Information, Culture and Communication Suleiman Yusuf Ali Kore denied reports that talks were underway between the Republic of Somaliland and Somalia.

Minister Kore stated that Somalia has breached all agreements reached at previous conferences. the only way they can talk to Somalia is through the international community.

Somaliland’s Minister of Information told the BBC Somali Service that the government of Mogadishu will not succeed in its efforts to politically intervene in Somaliland, because Somalilander believe in their Nation.

The minister also added that the Somaliland government is closely monitoring the Farmajo government’s efforts in utilizing Social media and individuals to destabilize Somaliland.

The Minister was responding to the UN Representatives report that announced talks between the Somaliland and Somalia Presidents.

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