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Minister Kahin criticizes UCID chairman and other politicians for attending a Nairobi meeting

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland’s interior minister has criticized a recent conference in Nairobi, Kenya attended by Somaliland politicians and senior Somali government officials.

He said this shows that Somaliland politicians have merged with those of Somalia, which is seen as anti-Somaliland, despite the hostility and conspiracies of the Somali federal government against Somaliland, calling the Nairobi conference attended by Somaliland and Somali politicians is affront to the Somaliland cause.

Minister Mohamed Kahin Ahmed’s statement comes after Somaliland politicians as well as traditional elders attended a meeting of Dir politicians and traditional leaders this week in Nairobi.

The conference was attended by politicians from Somaliland, including UCID chairman Faisal Ali Warabe, the former Kulmiye minister of Planning Mohamed Ibrahim Qabyotire, and members of Somaliland’s traditional elders, including Sultan Dhawal.

The interior minister described the participation of Somaliland politicians in the Nairobi conference as an indication that the members were going to Mogadishu and brought back a new message from the Somali federal government.

Mohamed Kahin Ahmed addressed the Nairobi meeting in his speech at a ceremony to commemorate the founding of the Somaliland Police Force held at the headquarters of the police.

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