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Three suspects sentenced to death & imprisonment for murder and rape in Bossaso

Bossaso (SD) – The Bari Regional Court has today ruled on men accused of the rape and killing of the late Naima Abdi Mohamed in Bossaso.

The arrested men allegedly confessed to killing a girl named Naima Abdi Mohamed whose body was found in Raf and Raho neighborhoods in Bossaso.

The court first ruled that Garane Farah, for taking Naima Abdi Mohamed from Garowe to Bossaso without the consent of her parents, where she was eventually killed. Garane was sentenced to one year in prison and a $ 500 fine.

Bari regional court has sentenced Mohamed Ali Farey son of Mana Mohamed and Abdirahman Hassan Ahmed Hassan, both to death after admitting the rape attack two years ago.

One of the suspects, Mohamed Abdi Farey, told local media that they first took the girl in a car with him and another man, tied Maima’s hands with a scarf, and then raped her.

After that, Mohamed said he decided to kill the girl, strangling Naima with a handkerchief, and later decided to run over her head with a car, fleeing after they killed her.

Somali regions in east Africa have been experiencing an up tick in rape targeting young girls.

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