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Minister Koore to the opposition, opening political associations is legal

HARGEISA (SD) – Somaliland’s Minister of Information Saleban Yusuf Ali Koore addressed the country’s electoral dispute, pointing out that it is time for the country to move forward, maintain unity and security, and hold peaceful dialogue.

Minister Koore also spoke about the opposition parties’ opposing the opening of political associations, and pointed out that the Somaliland people are a nation governed by the rule of law, adding that the first person to uphold the rule of law is the President of the Republic of Somaliland.

He added that the law on the opening of political associations requires the opening of political associations every ten years, and that today more than six associations have announced their intentions to register. we have made it clear that no one can oppose the law of opening associations, as it is a constitutional law.

Minister Koore said president Bihi did not interfere in the commission work, adding that they were divided into two factions, and could not work together, adding the president lawfully appointed a fact finding commission to look into the matter.

Minister Saleban made it clear that the opening of political parties and the presidential election will be held, and indicated that the Somaliland government is ready to hold the elections on time.

The two official opposition parties, Wadani and UCID are not opposed to the registration of new associations, but insistent on holding the presidential elections first, just as the constitution stipulates.

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