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Minster Jamal throw’s a tantrum over UK MP’s comments on Somaliland recognition debate

MOGADISHU (SD) – Somalia’s Minister of Planning and International Co-operation, Jamal Mohamed Hassan, has reacted strongly to a UK Member of Parliament campaigning for the recognition Somaliland.

Gavin Williamson, a Member of the UK Parliament who is campaigning for the recognition of Somaliland as a state, tabled a motion in the UK Parliament to debate the recognition of Somaliland.

Gavin Williamson described the UK Minister for Africa, Vicky Ford’s response to his proposal as “immature” and suggested that she listen to parliament.

The lawmaker described yesterday’s debate as a sign of widespread consensus that the UK should recognize Somaliland.

Somalia’s Minister of Planning and International Co-operation Jamal Mohamed Hassan, in a statement posted on his Twitter account, insulted the UK MP that funds the weak government he represents, and Jamal’s security, saying the UK MP’s comment was a sign of ignorance in Somalia’s internal affairs, and accused the MP had failed in his previous assignments.

The minister’s diplomatic Faux bas comes at a time when some members of the UK Parliament are campaigning for recognition of the Somaliland and exposing the current Somali government’s inability to function.

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