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Mogadishu conference and the most contentious issues

Mogadishu (SD) – Preliminary reports from the consultative meeting between Somalia’s central and regional government leaders in Mogadishu indicate a political deadlock due to some of the items agreed upon by some of the participants at Dhusamareb 3.

Some regional leaders, particularly Puntland and Jubaland presidents Said Deni and Ahmed Madobe have called for changes to the Dhusamareb 3 agreement, some of their proposal seem to have some support from other leaders.

They specifically called for the creation of a new broad electoral commission, which includes members from the regional states, to reduce the number of delegates that will elect MP’s to a maximum of 150 and finally, an issue that is hotly debated, it has to do with the disputed constituencies, which the presidency sees as one of the most important issues, as he anticipates Gedo to be included in the constituencies.

Although yesterday’s meeting was seen as an opener and the leaders were limited to exchanging views and agreed to a compromise, moving forward, the meetings are said to be a contentious.

The conference between the President of the Federal Government of Somalia and the Presidents of Somalia’s federal member states and the Governor of Benadir are expected to settle the country’s election process dispute.

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