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Somaliland: Auditor General Says Officials Arrested for Corruption

Hargeisa (SD) – The Auditor General of Somaliland, Mr. Ahmed Yusuf Dirir, has for the first time announced that there are officials arrested for corruption.

Somaliland’s Auditor General, Ahmed Yusuf Dirir, told VOA that government officials in Burao, Borama and Berbera have been arrested and charged with corruption.

The Auditor also told the media that civilians have been arrested for forging documents.

Khadar Cakulle, the VOA correspondent in Hargeisa asked the Auditor General why most of the top officials suspected of corruption are almost never arrested.

The auditor said during his tenure he investigated ministers and general directors for being corrupt ant they were fired as a result.

The Somaliland Auditor General did not give details of the corrupt officials currently placed under arrest, or those he allegedly got fired.

Multiple Somaliland administrations vowed to fight corruption but the issue remains prevalent in the unrecognised country.

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