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Mogadishu Governor warns against a new wave of COVID-19

The governor of Benadir region and the mayor of Mogadishu, Omar Filish has issued a new warning for the Coronavirus / Covid-19 pandemic.

Governor Filish said the disease had re-emerged in the country and is still prevalent, especially in the capital, and that they would resume awareness campaigns against the spread of Covid-19.

He underlined that at this time it is important for the community to be more vigilant, and promised that the regional administration will play a significant role in preventing the spread of the virus.

“The activities should be minimized, unless necessary, we should be limiting to the way in which Somalis interact, in line with previous awareness recommendations.” Said the governor.

The governor’s warning comes at a time when there has been a decline in the number of cases of Coronavirus in Somalia, although it has not completely disappeared from the country.

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