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Mogadishu mayor visits Relatives of two people killed in Bondere

Mogadishu (SD) Governor of Benadir and Mogadishu mayor, Omar Mohamud Mohamed visited the families of the late Madina Abdullahi Abdi and Hassan Ali Adow, who were illegally killed by the police at Bondere district in Mogadishu this week.

Despite the government’s intervention, families still feel sad while the arrested killer is in the police custody waiting for his day in court.

The mayor told the victims families he met with that the Banadir regional administration had promised to provide food and other essential needs to them and that the soldier who killed the innocent people would soon be brought to justice.

The governor’s visit following after police curfew enforcement at Bondere district in Mogadishu shotting deaths of two civilians on Friday night.

Massive Protesters demanding justices for the police slain civilians have marched through the capital Mogadishu yesterday, raising tension high in the capital.

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