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Mogadishu residents demonstrate against Somaliland, Ethiopia agreement

MOGADISHU (SD) -A significant demonstration organized by the Administration of the Banadir Region took place today in the city of Mogadishu.

The event was attended by ministers and parliamentarians from the Federal Government, officials from the Banadir Region Administration, and a large number of the capital’s residents.

The demonstration aimed to express opposition to the actions of the Ethiopian government and the controversial agreement reached with Somaliland.

Protesters marched through various parts of the capital, converging at the Yariisow Stadium, where they were addressed by Federal Government officials, members of the Federal Parliament, as well as the Mayor of Mogadishu, and the Deputy Governor of the Benadir Region.

The leaders expressed gratitude to the public for their patriotism and how they peacefully demonstrated, stating that they would never accept the violation of Somali sovereignty and called on the Ethiopian government to reconsider its wrongful actions.

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