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Mogadishu Tech Summit enters its second day

MOGADISHU (SD) – Mogadishu Tech Summit has entered its second day with hundreds of enthusiastic participants trooping Somalia’s national theatre where the event is taking place.

With the presence of Mogadishu technology experts, professionals, policymakers as well as entrepreneurs, the summit showcased some of the most creative ideas.

The ideas are drawn from health solutions, software development, transport and logistics to education.

Among those featured is Hello Caafi, a telemedicine start up in Mogadishu which provides an avenue for patients to get direct medical advise and help by dialing a short code that directs it to a call centre run by Hello Caafi (Hello Health).

Dahir Arab – Rector of Simad University who spoke at venue has expressed optimistic that the country’s elite society will innovate new ideas to uplift the country’s involvement in technology.

“In the past, we were the front runners of education in Africa. When the country collapsed, a lot was destroyed. Now we are recovering, but not very much in line with the rest of the world,” Arab said.

Ministry of Education Mohamed Ahmed Rage said the government was investing in technology in schools. 

 “The ministry has put a lot of effort into developing technology. We have planned a Lab for each school so that students can keep pace with the times,” Rage said.

Participants attending the event included tech innovators, developers, government officials, entrepreneurs working in technology, and officials from donor and development agencies.

The Summit which kicked off Tuesday will be concluded tomorrow.

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