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MP Mahad Salad re-elected in Dhusamareb

DHUSAMAREB (SD) – Elections in Dhusamareb, the administrative capital of Galmudug, had MP Mahad Salad winning the HOP147 seat of the Federal Parliament of Somalia for the third time in a row.

Shamso Abdullahi Mohamed, who was competing against Mahad Salad for the seat, withdrew from the race, with 101 delegates voting in favor of Mahad Salad.

In a brief statement after the election, Salad expressed he was thrilled with the outcome of the election, thanking the voters and the election commission.

Mohamed Hussein Abukar (Gaaraho) was elected as a member of the Parliament in Dhusamareb today, by receiving 100 votes, and his opponent Mohamed Said Abdullahi forfeited.

The third seat elected today in Dhusamareb, was won by Omar Ali Abdi, who received 97 votes. Omar was running against Abdullahi Ahmed Abdi who received only 2 votes.

More than 20 members of the lower house have so far been elected in Dhusamareb, the capital of Galmudug. Galmudug has become an administration where both oppositions and conservatives have secured seats in the parliament.

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