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Harmad kills Beledweyne police chief

BELEDWEYNE-Beledweyne, Police Station Commander Mohamed Hussein Mohamud (Durdage), was killed during a clash inside the police station between the trained Harmad Forces and Hirshabelle local forces.

According to eyewitnesses who spoke to local media, hundreds of people were arrested at the Beledweyne police station during an operation carried out by police forces last night in Bunda-weyn neighborhood.

Reports indicated that there were casualties as a result of the fighting between Haramcad and Hirshabelle forces.

The situation is still tense and there is a strong anger in the town over the killing of the Beledweyne police chief.

The president of Hirshabelle administration Ali Abdullahi Hussein Gudlawe has sent his condolences to the family of the death Beledweyne police commissioner Mohamed Hussein Mohamud (Durdage).

The president said that today’s violence at the city’s police station is unacceptable, ordering the Hirshabelle Police Command to investigate the killing of the Beledweyne Police Station Commander.

Tensions between the two forces are rising at the Beledweyne police station, as the president of Hirshabelle region, Ali Abdullahi Hussein Ali Gudlawe, and his deputy are in the town for talks.

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