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MP Omar Farah elected as the UCID party’s secretary general

Hargeisa (SD) – Omar Farah, a member of Somaliland’s new parliament, has been elected secretary general of the UCID party.

At a meeting held today, the executive committee of the UCID party elected the official by a show of hands.

After the election, Omar Farah reacted to his election as the interim secretary general.

“The first thing we will do is to review the structure of the party, to make it representative of all the people of Somaliland, to pump fresh blood in it, to be a visible party with just not one, two or three people leading it.” Said the new secretary general.

The newly elected secretary added that he was happy with the election and accepted the new role.

Omer Farah said that he will review the structure of the UCID party, and that he will increase the membership of the party.

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