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MP Roble Explains Election Process to Electoral Commissions, sets timeline

Mogadishu (SD) – Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia Mohamed Hussein Roble, met with Federal, State and Dispute Resolution Electoral commissions in his office today.

Roble spoke to committees about expediting the election, and explained the new electoral process, urging them to work closely together and conduct the election efficiently.

He said the election would be more modern than in 2016 and would give Somali tribes more power in deciding on their MP’s in parliament, explaining how and the way delegates will come from communities and civil society.

“The final procedure revised the selection of traditional elders, and civil society, and who is to verify them. Adding “It was necessary to know who will verify, and it was agreed that the verification should not be done by the state governments or Roble, but by the state election commission,” said Prime Minister Roble.

The PM said the election funds have now been handed over to the Federal Electoral Commission, and any other additional funds will be provided.

“We have allocated the election budget, we have handed it over to FEIT. They’re now responsible for the election budget. They will let us know if they face further challenges, we know the funds are not enough, we have planned 26 Million, but they could need more” said PM Roble.

Prime Minister Roble spoke about the CID vetting candidates, saying that an investigation must be done, as the country is in a state of insecurity.

Speaking about the northern MP’s elections, he said that the latest procedure stipulates that the list of candidates for both houses are to be selected by Mahdi Guled and Abdi Hashi, and that he will check, and will not allow one side to dominate the other.

The PM said he would release the final election schedule on next Thursday, and wants the second phase of the election to start on next Saturday.

Finally, the PM said he was always in talks with state leaders, urging the commission to come back with any challenges they encounter, so that he can share it with the National Consultative Council.

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