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Mudug Governor: Businessmen who pay Al-Shabaab should be shot dead

Galkayo (SD) – The Governor of Mudug region in Puntland, Abdilatif Muse Nur today spoke about the fees charged by Al-Shabaab and the ongoing security operations in Puntland.

The Governor who is in Bossaso now, suggested that businessmen should never give terrorists extortion money, even to save themselves, adding their money is being used to fund terrorising Somali people.

He added that money paid by traders to al-Shabaab and ISIS further encourages brutal killings of Somali civilians, and businessmen are partly responsible for the crime, as they pay the terrorist the most.

“Al-Shabaab gets most of its money from the Bakara Market in Mogadishu and those in Bossaso. The traders should immediately reject paying the extortion money and sit down and unite,” said Governor Abdilatif.

He also suggested that any businessman found to be paying money to terrorists be executed, or prosecuted.

“ We have to do to them, what terrorists do to people, i would also would like for people to execute in the street who they find to be paying Al Shabaab, If big businessmen are found guilty, they should be shot or prosecuted. ” said the governor.

Finally, he urged the public to unite in the fight against terrorism and to refrain from giving money to these groups, who are killing their own people.

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