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Muse Bihi thanks President Farmajo and PM Roble for their Sympathy

HARGEISA (SD) – Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi thanks President Farmajo for his call and for his sympathy for the victims of the Hargeisa Market fire.

In an statement posted on Twitter, President Bihi also thanked the President of Somalia, His Excellency Farmajo for extending his condolences to the people of Somaliland over the phone.

Also, Muse Bihi sent a message of thanks to the Prime Minister of Somalia Mohamed Hussein Roble.

Prime Minister Roble this afternoon ordered the immediate release of $11,700,000 from the Somali government account and transferring it to Somaliland.

Somali businessmen have also pledged $2 million, while Prime Minister Roble said additional $1 million will be provided by the government, bringing the total budget from the federal government and businesses to 14,700,000.

The mayor of Hargeisa Abdikarim Ahmed Mooge says businesses in Hargeisa have lost $2 billion in the property damage.

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