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Muse Bihi’s government accused of engaging in anti-democratic activities

Hargeisa (SD) – Lawmaker Omar Jama Farah nominated by Somaliland Opposition Coalition for 1st Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, spoke about the race for Speaker of the House of Representatives, which is currently at a critical juncture.

Lawmaker Omar accused the government of engaging in anti-democratic activities, saying some lawmakers were bargaining and offering money and projects.

“The opposition has 52 MPs and Kulmiye has only 30 MPs, but the government was trying to get MP’s break with their parties by offering them small benefits, positions to their families, projects and even give them money. That is a disgrace to the nation and they should have been satisfied with the number of their elected MPs.” Said Omar Jama Farah.

He added, “It is a breach of our people’s hopes and their aspiration, it also impacts the newly elected lawmakers and that is also unfortunate.”
Meanwhile, MP Omar praised the people of Somaliland and said that the MPs and the changes they voted for are a priority.

“We thank the people of Somaliland for their support and we know that they are putting pressure on the government through media and on social media, saying no one should deviate from his party.” Said MP Omar Jama Farah.

Lawmaker Omar said the coalition still has a majority and is confident, but they are only waiting for President Bihi to announce the first session of the House of Representatives

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