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National Consultative Council meeting opens in Mogadishu

MOGADISHU (SD) – Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia Mohamed Hussein Roble, today chaired a meeting of the National Consultative Council in Mogadishu.

The conference, which was attended by all state leaders, will focus on security and the acceleration of elections.

Government spokesman Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu, described the conference, as large-scale, with the participation of the Union of Candidates and the international community.

“During the conference, they will meet with various committees, including election stakeholders, international representatives, members of the Union of Candidates and members of the civil society, they will listen to their suggestions related to the election, ”said a government spokesman.

Moalimuu also said the conference would address the challenges and shortcomings in the election, especially in the House of Representatives, which is strongly opposed by candidates and the Union of Candidates.

“The conference is very large and we expect it to resolve the issues surrounding the elections, as well as resolve and focus on the differences.” Added Moalimuu.

The National Consultative Council meeting, is expected to conclude with a communiqué outlining the process of the long-delayed parliamentary elections.

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