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National Parties Forum: Speaker of the Upper House should appoint Northern electoral commissions

Mogadishu (SD) – Somalia’s National Parties Forum has today issued a statement expressing its position on the upcoming MP elections from the northern regions of Somaliland in the Federal Parliament of Somalia.

The forum said it emphasizes the importance and value of politicians in the northern regions of the country, and wants a transparent and fair process for the election of members of those regions.

The Forum strongly supported a recent letter from the Speaker of the Upper House of the Federal Parliament of Somalia, Abdi Hashi, who demanded he appoints the members of the electoral commissions in the northern regions, and opposed the process decided in the Mogadishu agreement for the 2020/2021 elections.

“We declare that the Speaker of the Upper House of the Federal Parliament of Somalia, Mr. Abdi Hashi Abdullahi, is the most suited person in both the law and the federal system to appoint members of the electoral commissions from the northern regions, as he is the most respected elected politician and leader among politicians from those regions and currently the chairman of the upper house. ”the statement said.

“The forum calls on the leaders of the two levels of government to jointly finalize the implementation of the 2020/2021 electoral process and to avoid anything that could lead to controversy and infighting in the forthcoming elections,” the statement said.

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