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Puntland forces seize al-Shabaab hide outs in Sanaag

Gurya-Samo (SD) – Puntland Darwish forces have reached Sanaag regions in the past few hours and conducted operations inside regions Al Shabab militants claimed to have taken over.

The operations were carried out by the forces in areas under the control of Las Qoray district in the region, were Al Shabab was suspected to be hiding out.

Local reports say troops have taken control of Gurya-Samo and surrounding villages, where they have launched heavy operations.

Officials who spoke with local media revealed that the reasoning for the operations is to prevent fighters from Al-Shabaab to take control the said regions.

The situation in the areas where the troops reached is now reportedly very tense, with residents expressing fears that fighting could break out there.

The Puntland forces operations come as Al-Shabaab last week announced that it had taken control of parts of the Sanaag region, but the militants have since withdrawn from parts of the region.

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