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NISA destroyed CCTV cameras to undermine probe into Ikran’s murder – MP claims

MOGADISHU (SD) – Somalia’s national intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) has destroyed CCTV cameras to hinder the investigation of the death of female intelligence agent Ikran Farah, a female lawmaker has claimed.

In a statement, Outgoing MP Amina Mohamed Abdi said NISA is frustrating investigations into the controversial kidnap and death of Ikran.

“The court and the prosecution have made it clear to us that there are so many obstacles in this case that it is not possible to properly investigate the case and end it, on the grounds that they have been denied access to the NISA compound, or the source of the problem to get accurate information, ” Amina said.

Amina, who is also a relative of the deceased agent added that NISA had declined to interrogate murder suspects and that PresidentMohamed Farmaajo’s appointee to head NISA Yasin Faray had blocked the investigations and ‘did not want to hear about.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble who met with the family of Ikran Tahlil on Saturday has reiterated his commitment to justice.

The family told Roble that they were facing obstacles from the military court’s prosecution office and pushed for a more independent inquiry into her abduction.

Roble stressed that the matter is before the court and that the perpetrators of the Ikraan Tahliil case will one day be brought to justice.

The PM soothed some of the family’s concerns by doubling down on his commitment to not negotiate for a “quiet solution” to the political drama that has gripped Somalia.

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