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No term extension for Farmajo – Lower House

MOGADISHU (SD) – No term extension for Somali president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo but the parliament will come up with alternative way to iron out the stalemate, Lower House Speaker told members on Saturday.

In a especial session requested by president Farmajo, the speaker of Somali Lower House, Mohamed Abdirahman Mursal has refuted claims that the House will extend the mandate of the president.

President Farmajo’s term mandate will lapse on 8th this month amid political uncertainty in the country following the collapse of Dhusamareb talks between federal and regional state leaders.

During the session, Mursal said House will be the responsibility of the Parliament to come up with a solution to save the country.

The speakers emphasised the need for ways to amicably resolve the differences over the electoral process.

Dismissing the claims of extension, Mursal said that the president will only brief the lawmakers on the situation of the country and way forward on the electoral disputes.

“The federal government initial proposed one-man one-vote and the parliament voted for it, then both leaders of the federal and states had tabled resolution of the 17-Sep, we passed it, nothing has come out therefore it is upon the members of parliament to seek solution,” he said. “The agenda of today’s session is not about term extension. The president will inform the House about the matters related to the current political situation. ”

Today’s session only attended by the members of Lower House in spite of earlier announcement that president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo will address both House.

The Senate leadership did not comment on today’s session.

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