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Oldon explains why he didn’t stand for the Somaliland anthem

Hargeisa (SD) – Abdimalik Muse Oldon a humanitarian journalist working in Somaliland, has been making headlines on social media for the past couple of days after he refused to stand for the Somaliland national anthem.

Abdimalik Oldon, who spoke to local media, responded as to why he could not stand for the Somaliland national anthem, at an event unveiling a book written by poet Mohamed Warsame Hadrawi.

A picture of Abdimalik sitting while others at the event stood for the flag was widely circulated on social media, with many explaining that Abdimalik does not recognize the Somaliland flag.

“All we have to consider is what our Islamic religion has to say, but not just look at what people are doing. I followed what I understood from our religion of Islam, I understand from our religion that humility belongs to God, ”said Abdimalik Coldon.

Coldon also said that a flag or anyone else did not deserve to be humbled “”I could not stand for the flag because Allah had forbidden me to do so, and i did it as a caution to the nation.” Oldon said.

When addressing the public outcry regarding not recognize the Somaliland flag, he said “No, all flags are the same to me. I will not stand for any flag, we love and hate something only for God’s sake.” said Abdimalik Coldon.

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