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Opposition calls for probe into alleged killings of SNA soldiers in Tigray war

MOGADISHU (SD) – The calls for an independent investigation into the alleged killing of Somali military soldiers in Tigray conflict have begun to gather momentum after Somali presidential candidates threw their full weigh behind the proposals.

Over 370 Somali trainee soldiers were allegedly killed in the ongoing battle in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, according to statement by ex-Somali spy deputy chief, Abdisalam Guleid this week.

The move forced several parents of the soldiers who were ferried to Eritrea last year for training to urge the government to come clean about the allegations.

last Monday, Somali ministry dismissed the reports saying they were motivated by political agenda but Guleid who was reacting to remarks by the ministry reiterated his call for independent investigation into the allegations on Tuesday.

Military intelligence reports

In an interview with Mogadishu based TV, Guleid stated that he was privy to information about killings of the Somali trainees in Tigray saying he had obtained intelligence reports from Ethiopian commanders who participated in the war in Tigray region.

“There is no way these Ethiopian commanders tell me lies, Somali soldiers fighting alongside Eritrean troops and commanded by Eritrean military officials were killed in the war in Tigray,” said Guled. “I think the reason why these soldiers were killed in large is contributed by a number of factors including, inexperience, lack of knowledge about the battle territories and the Eritrean commanders who never mind the casualties of the Somali soldiers.”

Guleid accused the government of inking covert security deal with Ethiopia and Eritrea saying the agreement motivated the deployment of Somali soldiers in Tigray region.

Calls to quell the situation

In a press conference on Wednesday in Mogadishu, the opposition spokesperson, Ridwan Hirsi Mohamed has lambasted the government for turning down to disclose full details of the whereabouts of the soldiers.

“We are deeply concern over the way Somali government responded to the allegations. During an interview with BBC (Somali), the information minister even rejected to comment on the alleged killings of the soldiers, this could cast doubt on their honesty,” he said.

Mohamed called on President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo to step in situation in order to clear air.

“The federal government is required to say the truth about what happened to the youth who were sent to Eritrea for training, the issue should not be politicised, the calls by the mothers should be heard,” he said.

The remarks comes amid demonstrations by irate mothers erupted in Galkayo and Mogadishu towns.

Hundreds of protesters have today took the streets of Galkayo towns, demanding answers from the government.

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