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Opposition parties call for formation of council to govern Somalia as Farmaajo’s term lapses

MOGADISHU (SD) – The Council of Presidential Candidates (CPC) has called for the formation of a new team to oversee the transition process to avoid power vacuum as the term of lapsed last night.

In a statement, the condidantes proposed the formation of a National Transitional Council drawn from regional leaders, civil society members and opposition parties, which would govern the country.

They urged political stakeholders, the international community and the Somali people to support the council’s decision so the nation can move forward with implementing the electoral agreement.

The Council also urged security forces including the military not to take further instructions from Farmaajo and instead observe the law and order.

The opposition said they would oppose any attempt to extend the term of President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed.

“Starting from 8th February 2021, the council of opposition candidates does not recognise Farmajo as president. The council will not accept any form of mandate extension through pressure,” the opposition leaders

The Council told Farmajo not by-pass the constitution lest he lose privileges as a former president

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