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Somalia: International partners addresses Outcomes of the Dhusamareb Conferences

Mogadishu (SD) – A statement from members of Somalia’s international partners addressed the country’s political situation, especially in the difficult transition period, the 2021 elections and the Dhusamareb consultative conference.

“International partners welcome the efforts made by Somali political leaders to find agreement on implementation of the 17 September electoral model. The talks held in Dhusamareb February 1 – 6 made progress on many important points, but did not reach consensus on all outstanding issues.“ said their statement.

Adding that there is an opportunity for further discussions that could resolve the issues ” believe that it remains possible to reach consensus, and that all sides are open to further discussions. We call upon Somalia’s leaders to resume their dialogue urgently to reach final agreement permitting national elections to take place as soon as possible.”

International partners in Somalia welcomed President Farmajo’s statement to continue talks “We listened with interest to the address of the President to the House of the People on 6 February, and noted in particular his stated willingness to continued discussions between the Federal Government of Somalia and the Federal Member States aimed at identifying an agreed way forward for the holding of elections.”

They reiterated the importance of continuing the talks “We strongly support further dialogue in a calm and constructive spirit. We once again underscore that any alternative outcomes, including a parallel process or partial elections, or any other actions that lack broad agreement, would not obtain the support of partners.”

Members of the international community supporting Somalia have once again called on Somali leadership to focus on the country’s interest “We call on Somalia’s political leaders to build on the positive aspects of the Dhusamareb discussions, and continue to work together to agree implementation of elections in the national interest.”

The statement does not mention the expired term of office of the President and the House of Representatives, which the opposition is currently focussed on.

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