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Opposition Party Wadani: We demand the release of journalist

HARGEISA (SD) – The leaders of Somaliland’s opposition party Wadani visited 15 journalists jailed in Hargeisa, calling for their freedom.

Somaliland’s opposition party led by presidential candidate Abdirahman Abdilahi Irro and chairman Hirsi Ali Haji Hassan, said some of the illegally jailed journalist were experiencing difficulties.

“We are telling the government to release the journalist, As we said it before the current government is arresting everyone that does not agree with them” said Chairman Hirsi.

Wadani presidential candidate Abdirahman Ciro, who spoke to the press in Hargeisa, said the journalists were illegal arrested and demanded that they be released immediately.

“The authorities did not follow the law in arresting the journalists, they have not been subject to the police procedures and we have already condemned and repeated it again, “said Irro.

The opposition leaders also said that the jailed journalists were not allowed to meet their lawyers.

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