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Prime Minister condemns the Villa Somalia attack

MOGADISHU (SD) – Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble spoke of the attack today in Villa Hargeisa, during a Parliamentary session on the election rules of both houses.

PM Roble described the attack as a desire to disrupt the work of the Federal Parliament, and an act of cowardness to intimidate parliamentarians during their constitutional duty to expedite the elections.

The Prime Minister of the Somali government has praised the parliamentary efforts in to complete and implement the the country’s election results.

PM Roble instructed the country’s armed forces to double their efforts in maintaining security and to prevent any further attempts to disrupt the country’s security, especially in during the elections.

The attack is said to have injured about seven employees and security personnel of parliamentarians.

The statement from the Prime Minister of the Somali government follows as number of mortars today hit Villa Hargeisa Center during a Federal House of the Federal Parliament meeting.

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