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Opposition Presidential candidate’s return rocks Hargeisa

Hargeisa November 10, 2022 (SD) – Somaliland’s main opposition party Waddani reiterated its position on the country’s electoral dispute unless a political agreement is reached before the end of the president’s legal term.

Waddani party presidential candidate Abdirahman Mohamed Abdillahi Irro who returned from a trip to the eastern regions of Somaliland, spoke to thousands of his supporters in the capital of Hargeisa, said they would not participate any election without consensus.

“Are we not ready for an election? Do we want an agreement on the election?, Inshallah, either an agreement will be entered into, or our decision will remain in place.” Irro told the crowd.

Adding “We are telling the international community and the people of Somaliland that we are ready for elections, and we are ready for the presidential election,”.

Irro said that a political agreement must be reached before the end of the President Bihi’s 5-year term of President Bihi, which ends on November 13, 2022.

The government of Somaliland and the opposition have been at odds for about a year over the registration of new political associations and presidential elections.

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