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Over 300 Somali soldiers killed in Tigray – ex-spy boss

NAIROBI (SD) – At least 370 Somali soldiers were killed and several others went missing after they took part in the fighting between Ethiopian government and Tigray regional state, former deputy spy chief claimed.

Speaking to media, Abdisalam Guleid, former deputy chief of Somalia’s National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) accused Somali government of being responsible for the deployment of Somali soldiers in Ethiopia, who fought alongside Ethiopian military against Tigrayian soldiers.

“According to our investigations and intelligence reports, the soldiers who were aged between 20-30 years, were fighting alongside Ethiopian Defence Forces (ENDF) in Tigray region, so far, the confirmed number of death is 370 soldiers” said Guleid who did disclosed the total of the soldiers.

He further added that the soldiers were flown from Mogadishu to Asmara before they were deployed in the frontline to fight Tigray forces.

“These soldiers were moved out of Mogadishu without the knowledge of their families. To date, no one of those soldier returned country and their parents are in state of shock,” the spy boss said.

Somali Dispatch tried to reach Somali foreign and Defense ministries but they declined to comment on the issue.

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