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Peace envoys arrive in Saaxdheer district of Sool region

Buhodle (SD) – Peace envoys from Buhodle and Ceegaag districts arrive in Widhwidh district of Buhodle region today, they was welcomed by traditional elders from Sool and Buhodle regions who were in the process of ending the ongoing conflict between two local clans.

The welcoming ceremony was attended by Garado, intellectuals, the mayor of Ceegaag district and other officials. They all welcomed the delegates with open arms and laid the groundwork for peace in Saaxdheer area of Sool region.

The peace envoys also thanked the officials for welcoming them in Widhwidh and called on the community to unite and support peace in the area.

The envoys are reportedly in Saaxdheer today and have started their mediation between the local feuding clans.

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