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Plane carrying acting Somali President finally Allowed to land in Bossaso

MOGADISHU (SD) – Reports from the port city of Bossaso confirm that the plane carrying the acting president of Somalia and deputy Speaker Sadia Yasin landed at the airport in Bossaso.

The pilot reportedly said the plane did not have enough fuel to return, and decided to land the plane at Bossaso airport so as not to endanger the lives of the passengers.

The plane and its entourage landed safely at Bossaso airport, and efforts to allow the delegation to inter the city as well as unloading food aid were unsuccessful.

The plane carrying the deputy speaker later returned to Mogadishu, after security at the airport deteriorated. Although the situation has since returned to normal, the clans have intervened.

Today’s incident is linked in part to a dispute over the distribution of drought relief between the federal government and Puntland, and Puntland alleges that it did not receive its share of the aid from the Somali federal government.

Ms. Sadia Yassin was elected from Puntland, but her refusal to visit Bossaso comes as Puntland President Said Deni recently lost his campaign bit for the posts of president and prime minister of Somalia.

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