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PM hails deal to demilitarise Mogadishu

MOGADISHU (SD) – The joint efforts by Somali government and the opposition to demilitarize Mogadishu would pave the way for parliamentary and presidential elections to take place peacefully, Somalia prime minister Mohamed Hussein Roble said Wednesday.

Roble who sealed deal with opposition following recommendations by technical committee [appointed by his office] has welcomed the deal saying it would his government conduct peaceful, free and fair election in the country.

“I commend all the efforts to demilitarize Mogadishu and see an amicable end to the conflict. This is a good step towards peace and stability. We must all work towards achieving this goal,” said Roble in a twitter post.

Remarks of Roble comes less than a day after his government and the opposition leaders agreed to withdraw all security forces who entered Mogadishu as a result of the recent violence and returned to their bases within 48 hours with the effect of Wednesday.

The agreement signed by the representative from both sides had demanded the returned of all weapons and military vehicles sized during Mogadishu fighting be returned.

According to the agreement, neither Somali government nor the opposition forces should be punished for partaking in the fighting.

“The rights of these forces, such as salaries, ranks and responsibilities, will not be affected by the violence in Mogadishu, and that no action can be taken against that incident,” a statement from the meeting read in part.

Hundreds of Somali National Army soldiers staged munity and vacated their camps in Middle Shabelle late last month to support the opposition.

The soldiers entered Mogadishu to reinforce opposition militias who had already massed up following Somali lower house decision to extend term of president Mohamed Abdullahi by two years.

On 25th of last month, rival SNA soldiers clashed in the capital following Somali lower house decision to extend the term of president Mohamed Abdullahi by two years.

The clashes forced over 60,000 people to flee from their house in Mogadishu.

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