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PM Roble and King Burmadow resolve Mahdi-Hashi electoral dispute

Mogadishu (SD) – The Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mohamed Hussein Roble, met with traditional elders from the Northern Regions who are the backbone of the selection process for the House of Representatives.

The meeting was attended by members of the Northern Regions Electoral Commission and the Prime Minister instructed the parties to conduct a fair and transparent elections.

The traditional elders, for their part, pledged to carry out their duties effectively in the selection of delegates for the seats in the House of the People.

The meeting ended a dispute between the Deputy Prime Minister and the Speaker of the Upper House, Abdi Hashi, over the issue of the Northern Regional Parliamentary elections.

The sources added that it was agreed to expedite the process of the Northern Regions parliamentary elections.

King Burmadow who previously stated that he was not in Mogadishu for politics, surprisingly was present at the meeting, representing the North.

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