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Al-Shabaab claims responsibility for Jowhar bombing

Jowhar (SD) – One civilian was killed while members of the regional HirShabelle parliament and one other person were injured in an explosion in Jowhar yesterday, the capital of Hirshabelle region.

Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the blast in a statement posted on its website, saying it targeted Hirshabelle MPs and wounded MPs Omar Gabow and Yusuf Abdulkadir.

Lawmakers Omar Mohamed Omar Gabow and Yusuf Abdulkadir Karani were injured in the blast, along with another civilian. They were at a restaurant in the Kulmis neighborhood of the city at the time of the blast.

Al-Shabaab added that an officer, a soldier and one of the delegates selected by the parliamentarians from Jowhar, were among the injured at the capital of Hirshabelle.

Authorities say they are conducting various security operations at the capital, the blast comes at a time when election of the House of the People of Somalia are expected to begin in Jowhar in the coming days.

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