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PM Roble appoints a joint committee to resolve Mogadishu crisis

Mogadishu (SD) – The Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia Mohamed Hussein Roble announces Mogadishu Dispute Resolution Committee, comprising of ministers and members of parliament opposing the contentious term extension.

The committee is chaired by the security minister in the caretaker government Hassan Xundubey, it includes opposition lawmakers.

The announcement comes at a time when pro-government forces loyal to the opposition candidates and politicians are still stationed in Mogadishu and ignored the Prime Minister’s recent call for the troops to return to their barracks.

So far opposition members on the commission have not stated their position.

The committee was tasked to recommend a solution to the crisis in Mogadishu within five days.

In parts of Mogadishu, there are forces that are not under the control of the government and many areas are now under the control of those forces.

Anti-government forces in Mogadishu have recently appointed a commanding officers consisting of seven officers, including generals and colonels.

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