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Northern politicians demand that PM Roble involve them in election talks

Mogadishu (SD) – Politicians and parliamentarians from constituencies in northern Somalia, have expressed concern over delays in the country’s elections and the absence of Somaliland’s role, threatening to reconsider their presence in Somalia if their political rights were not upheld.

Somali parliamentarians from Somaliland speaking to the media say they are not happy with the agreements that will determine the country’s elections in the absence of politicians from the northern regions.

Northern politicians said that they had not been involved in the election process meetings, demanding that the speaker of the upper house Abdi Hashi be allowed to represent the Northern constituency in the upcoming election process.

Somalia’s Deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Guled is currently representing the northern regions in the country’s electoral process.

Former Khaire government information minister Mohamed Abdi Hayir Mareye said they want to be involved in the upcoming election conferences, stressing that they will not accept the outcome of any conference without politicians and members representing the northern regions of Somalia.

The call from northern politicians comes as PM Roble prepares to revive election talks.

Somaliland announced in 1991 that it was withdrawing from the 1960 union with Somalia, outlawing any political involvement with Mogadishu.

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