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PM Roble reiterates that the country is in a dire situation

MOGADISHU (SD) – The Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mohamed Hussein Roble, met with a number of Somali religious leaders, civil society organizations and business people to discuss ways to assist the drought-stricken people of Somalia.

PM Mohamed Hussein Roble said it was important for society and the government to work together to help our drought-affected people across the country.

“The drought situation is deteriorating. If emergency efforts are not accelerated and unified, it could lead to a catastrophic famine,” said Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble.

Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble, reiterated that the country is in a state of severe drought that has affected more than 5 million Somalis.

“The election process in the country is important for the future of the country, but it should not distract us from rescuing our people who are suffering from drought, thirst and hunger, so it is important that scholars, civil society and business people play a leading role in the rescue operations, ”said Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble.

Over the past few days, the Prime Minister has held various meetings with heads of states and governments to discuss ways to provide emergency assistance to the people of Somalia who are suffering from severe drought.

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