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PM Roble rejects his suspension by Farmaajo

MOGADISHU (SD) – Prime Minister, Mohamu3d Hussein Roble has rejected a suspension by president Mohamed Abdullahi Faramaajo to remove him from the office.

In a statement, Roble vowed to stay in office hours after President Farmaajo announced Roble’s suspension from the office.

“The outrageous statement from immediate former President, Mohamed Abdullahi (Farmajo) regarding the work of the PM and his failed attempt to militarily take over the OPM is a violation of the constitution & other laws, the consequences of which will be solely shouldered by Farmaajo,” the office of the PM said in a twitter post.

The OPM added that the PM was ‘fully committed to fulfilling his national responsibility to conduct an acceptable electoral process that culminates in a peaceful transition of power.’

Former President Hassan Sheikh has also described the blocking of Roble from accessing his office on Monday morning as an ‘attempted military coup’ and called on Somalis to support the Prime Minister.

“We condemn the attempted military coup staged by the former President,” the former head of state said in a tweet. “We urge the protection of the democratic rule of law in the country, and call upon all to back the Prime Minister in his efforts to implement elections in the country.”

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