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PM Roble sacks senior NISA officials for defying orders

Mogadishu (SD) – The Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mohamed Hussein Roble, has today fired the Director of Staff of the National Intelligence Service (NISA) and the Commander of the Aden Adde International Airport.

Government spokesman Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimu said Abdullahi Kullane and Abdiwahab Sheikh Ali were fired due to defying a prime minister’s order that no one should be blocked at the country’s airports.

“Following the unauthorized prevention of citizens who were due to depart from Aden Ade International Airport, Somali PM H.E Mohamed Hussein Roble has relieved of their duties NISA’s HR Director Abdullahi Kullane and NISA Chief of Intelligence at Aden Adde Airport, Abdiwahab Sh. Ali.” Said Moalimu.

The spokesperson also stressed that it would never be tolerated for a citizen to be blocked at the country’s airports, as Somalia is expected to hold elections on May 27th.

The recent dismissal of the Prime Minister follows an incident this morning at the Mogadishu airport where former Gedo Governor Osman Nur Haji was refused to travel back to Garbaharey.

Speaking to the media this morning, the governor said it was the fourth time he was refused to board a flight to Garbaharey, accusing President Farmajo and Abdullahi Kullane for the flight ban.

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