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Police bust alleged Norwegian Somalis for drug trafficking

Oslo (SD) – Norwegian police in the Tromso region say they have foiled an organized network of mostly Somalis, who were accused of transporting drugs between Oslo and Tromso.

Police confirmed the criminal network consists of a dozen people, However, police said that the 9 leaders of the network are between the ages of 20 and 50 years.

“This group is mostly Norwegians of Somali origin there are 11 suspects in connection with this case,” a police statement said.

Police, meanwhile, said the group was very organized in terms of the way they smuggled drugs and the way funds were collected.

“This network appears to be well organized with associated logistics for the transport of drugs and cash, which has supplied Troms with heroin for several years,” police inspector Yngve Myrvoll said.

They added that the group had been smuggling large quantities of drugs between Oslo and Tromso since 2018.

“Larger amounts of heroin and amphetamine have been seized in Tromso and Oslo in connection with the investigation,” Myrvoll added.

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